TruPanion Pet Insurance

TruPanion Pet Insurance

TruPanion Pet Insurance

Every Bully Brand Frenchie puppy is sent home with 30 days FREE pet insurance. We love that we have the ability to partner with Trupanion and offer this to our buyers. There are so many things that can happen in those first 30 days that can cause quite expensive vet bills; catching an illness, jumping off a couch and breaking a leg, or even eating something they shouldn’t. While we hope you never have to use it, we are glad it is there for you just in case.

Trupanion offers statistics on the most common claims for French Bulldogs here. Compared to the average dog, French Bulldogs are 50% more likely to have a claim involving ingestion of foreign material. This is valuable information for you because you can be proactive with what your puppy has access to so that you can prevent this type of problem!

When you buy a puppy from Bully Brand Frenchies you will be invited to join Trupanion through email a few days before you are due to pick up your puppy as well as have a certificate in your go-home folder. This is completely free. No strings attached. If you prefer you can also call to activate your coverage.

Trupanion is dedicated to helping your pet receive the best medical care possible by removing money from the equation. The Trupanion policy offers one simple plan with 90% coverage for the treatment of eligible injuries or illnesses with no payout limits per incident, per year, or over the lifetime of the pet.* If a puppy injures itself or eats something it shouldn’t, you can rest assured knowing Trupanion has them covered. Just remember that you need to call them within 24 hours of receiving your puppy!

You will need to activate your Trupanion Insurance certificate 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER getting your puppy. This policy is free of charge it will cover any emergency or illness within the first 30 days of you owning your puppy if you have to make a claim against it within that 30 days. It will roll off after 30 days you will not be automatically enrolled in a permanent policy we do recommend for many of our families due to the high cost of modern veterinarian care that you do acquire a policy from some insurance company as this will benefit you in a financial way particularly if there are emergencies involved in the lifetime of your puppy. There is an activation code on the certificate along with some basic information that is all that’s necessary for you to activate the policy you can do it online or call

It’s simple! We love Trupanion!

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