Bully Brand Frenchies Testimonials

Bully Brand Frenchies Testimonials

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Eddie Rodriguez, Miami, FL

Best Frenchie mom I know! I got a puppy from her about a year ago and dog is super healthy and beautiful! If I can give more stars I would! Amazing person and all her dogs look amazing!

Whitney Poll - Boca Raton, FL

Darlene is the best! I've never been happier with my puppy. She's so healthy and beautiful. I will definitely get more frenchies in the near future, and always from bully brand.

Diana Lopez - Miami, FL

I have two Frenchies, my oldest was from somewhere else and my second is from Bully Brand Frenchies. The service I received from the moment I messaged them was professional, caring, loving and teaching me everything that I should know or was important. I was always informed about anything new with the mom and the pups, sending ultrasound pictures, pictures of the pups growing each week and nightly live videos. I never met someone who caters and cares the way Bully Brand has. When I received my first Frenchie, it was more like “ok here is the puppy, bye”. Not here. When I picked up my baby with Bully Brand, she handed me soooo many cute gifts, starter plan, a binder almost, with all the papers and any important information, even a year later sending birthday wishes and cards. I have been so happy with my baby girl, she’s beautiful, smart, loving, great skin. I’m so thankful for everything and the love I still receive from them and how they check on her all the time. Highly recommend.

Irina Colella - New York

Darlene at BullyBrandcrew is wonderful and very knowledgeable. She answered every question I had and continues to be part of the journey, with our frenchie Beatrice. When I got home I realized Bea didn’t need anything... she sent her with a new bed, blanket, toys, treats extra food, it was wonderful!! Darlene really becomes part of your family and walks you through everything! I would definitely recommend buying a frenchie from her!!

Nancy Miller - Texas

We highly recommend Bully Brand Frenchies, they are 100% trustworthy. Our Frenchie girl is absolutely perfect and of the highest breed, she is very smart and healthy. We will be adding to our family soon and we will once again trust BBF for our second French bully!

Rachel Gatto-Foushee - Tampa, FL

When we started to consider adding a French Bulldog to our family, my husband and I did extensive research about this breed and found out they are usually bred by greedy back yard breeders with bad blood lines and that people were buying puppies that ended up with a plethora of health issues. There also seemed to be a high incidence of people putting down deposits only to never receive a dog or their deposit back because it was a scam. So we were very apprehensive as we started our search for a good reputable breeder to purchase a Frenchie from. We ended up finding Darlene and Bully Brand Frenchies and we are so glad that we did! The most important thing to us was that our puppy be healthy and come from an OFA tested lineage. From Our initial conversation’s to when we came to meet her puppies, Darlene was friendly and was very patient with us and our many questions. The puppies parents had all the extremely important health testing that we wanted completed so we took the 3 hour drive to meet Darlene and her puppies! When we got there, Darlene was very welcoming and transparent. We were able to meet Our pup’s Mother and Father and see where the dogs lived. Darlene breeds and cares for her dogs in her home with her human family. The house was clean, tidy and didn’t smell like animals. All of her dogs appeared in good health and well cared for and spoiled. At least half of her home is dedicated just for her dogs and puppies. We loved how detailed her contract was and it really highlighted that she was a good breeder and that she genuinely cares for the well being of her puppies. She sent us home with everything we could possibly need to begin our care of our new puppy. This huge bag was filled with dog treat samples, dog food to last a week, harnesses and a leash, about 8-10 puppy toys, a dog bed and even a little shirt! We had almost everything we needed when we left her house. We have now had our girl for 6 weeks and could not be happier! She’s silly and very smart. She already knows how to sit, shake, fist bump, high five and down. Darlene did a fantastic job of early socialization because our girl is friendly, and has a well rounded temperament.She doesn’t scare easily and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her. She’s been swarmed by children and other dogs of all ages and sizes and interacted with all of them beautifully. She’s been to the vets office twice now since we’ve had her for exams, booster shots and tests and has passed with flying colors. No worms or other intestinal parasites or skin issues. Our doctor said that she is a beautifully bred and healthy puppy! Another thing that has stood out about Darlene is that she has continued to stay in contact and check on us and our puppy on a continuous basis these last 6 weeks. Any questions I’ve had, she’s been prompt in responding. We are very happy with our puppy and will have no hesitations in recommending and purchasing another puppy from her in the future! Thank you so much for our beautiful girl, Bowie! We could not be happier!

Renee Prewett - Georgia

We just purchased our new fur baby from Darlene with Bully Brand Frenchies. There are not words to describe how thankful we are to Darlene for all her hard work and our new fur baby. She is truly a remarkable breeder. It’s not a wonder she’s a Breeder of Heart through the AKC. We researched numerous breeders on the AKC Marketplace website. We wanted a breeder who was listed as a Breeder of Heart. Which means she has her dogs health tested to make sure the breed is bred to be as healthy as possible. We had lost our previous fur baby after only having her for 4 years and wanted to have piece of mind that we were getting a puppy that came from healthy parents. Darlene answered all our questions and believe me we had a lot of them! She was not only happy to answer our questions, but would send us links to websites too. Darlene did daily live feeds of the pups with their mom. The live feed would last sometime for 30 minutes or more. It was if we were there with our fur baby daily to watch her grow. Darlene also did weekly photo shoots of all the pups and would post them on her IGA. The process was so stress free and exciting for our family. Unlike some breeders who you never hear from again after your purchase. Darlene checked on our puppy the same night we left with her, the next day and still checks in with us to make sure our girl is okay. She truly does love her dogs and all their puppies. When she says her dogs are raised in her home. She isn’t fibbing! Her grown dogs and all their pups are raised in an unbelievable environment with a tone of love and care!!! We will be purchasing a second pup from her in the fall of this year. That’s how much we love Darlene and Bully Brand Frenchies!!!

Aileen Lesher - Miami, FL

I had been searching for a frenchie breeder for a while so I was ready when I decided to get one, when I saw bully brand website and read all the reviews on Darlene I knew I had made the best decision on buying my baby Zaria from her. The amount of love and care she give to every pup blew my mind and how clean she keeps them knowing it’s super hard specially my blue cream baby. Darlene is amazing she answers any question quick and sends pics, stories and does live videos for us to see our babies and not to mention once we get them she sends them with a big bag of goodies, toys etc she spoils all the pups. She is a great frenchie breeder and 100% recommend her to you and I know my next pup will come from her.

Missy Walsh -Boston

I’ve been following bully brand for approximately 5 years. I was always impressed with how well the puppies were cared for and how she shows videos of them growing. When it was finally time for me to get my 1st Frenchie, I knew I wanted it to be from Bully Brand. I even went all the way out to Georgia to get him! It is very clear she loves her dogs. She spent lots of time going over everything with me. I’ve had lots of puppies before and I’ve never received so much as I did with bully brand. Not only did I get the best pup, but she gave me food, a bed, outfits, harnesses, toys, treats, pee pads, etc. I’ve had my pup home for almost 2 weeks and she checks in on us every day. Very pleased with Bully Brand and already planning on getting another with her.

Sarah Hackney - Maryland

The owner of Bully Brand Frenchies is so sweet, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares where her pups are placed. Her babies are high quality and we were blessed to snag our Hank the Tank from Bully Brand last October. Leading up to his arrival, she posted the cutest weekly pictures and live Instagram videos so we could see him growing and stay in touch the whole way. She helped me with the best puppy nanny to bring him home and sent him with a ton of goodies. She walked me through all of the health and DNA info which was meticulously kept in a folder. I am so happy we were able to get our beautiful boy from Bully Brand and highly recommend them as a breeder that truly cares about the quality and well being of their pups before, during, and after purchase!

Christen Patin - Louisiana

Where to begin? Finding Bully Brand Frenchies was truly a God send. We had been scammed before and almost lost hope in owning a Frenchie until we met Darlene. She made the entire experience as smooth as can be. We finally got a sweet little girl for our family and we love her to pieces. Even after we got her and our little Chloe Belle got into an accident, Darlene was there for me and helped me along the way in her rehabilitation. Darlene is amazing and we are so blessed to know her!

Adriana Ciapa - Miami, FL

We’re so glad we got our girl from Bully Brand Crew! Darlene and Bianca are so knowledgeable and really care about the breed. We highly recommend!

Crystal Derevensky - South Carolina

I have wanted a Frenchie for 7 years. Another breeder had referred bullybrandcrew to me. In Feb 2020, I visited Darlene and her pups in their home for almost 3 hours. It was important to me to see how the dogs/ parents and puppies were cared for. I wanted to be able to ask questions with no judgment. After my visit, I knew I wanted a frenchie from bully brand crew. Darlene was always responsive to every question. After the litter was born, she would send me daily videos of the pups. She spent hours talking to and recommending essential items we would need at home for the puppy. It has been an amazing experience. I can’t tell you how professional Darlene is throughout the whole experience. Even at the time of pick up. She showed me how to clip his nails, put his harness on and off, clean his ears. Not to mention all the goodies and brand new supplies she sends home with each puppy- pet beds, toys, food, outfits, multiple harness and leashes. The paperwork is very organized. I received a folder full of litature, license and permits to show that Darlene is the real deal. She is not a puppy mill at all and their is no backyard breeding. She takes the puppies to the vet a 2, 4,6,8 week old for check ups and necessary vaccines etc. I have had my frenchie for almost six days and Darlene has reached out everyday to make sure we and the puppy are all doing well. Most breeders will not spend this kind of time with each owner even after the puppy has gone home. She really cares about her puppies and only wants the best for them. I would definitely purchase another frenchie from Bullybrandcrew.

Charlene Zein - Pembroke Pines, FL

Darlene and Bully Brand are wonderful to work with. As first time frenchie puppy owners, Darlene took the time to explain everything to us and is extremely patient and knowledgeable. The daily live videos were so appreciated and we got to watch our puppy grow and play with his siblings! The going-home bag is everything! Full of such great / thoughtful goodies. If (when) we get a 2nd pup, there’s only one place to go.

Nicole Lopes - Homestead, FL

This was the best purchasing experience of my life. Highly recommend. Bully brand included us in the entire process, information, updates, weekly pictures and videos of our babies. When we had questions she answered them and explained everything from feeding, to crating, pen time, potty training, did I say everything? She wants to make sure we are good to go before the babies come home. When we picked Koi up she had a goody bag, vet records, insurance information, certification. The best experience! I’m looking forward to getting baby #2!

Stephanie Sacco - Coral Springs, FL

What a great experience it was purchasing a puppy from Bully Brand Frenchies. We researched breeders for a long time and are SO thankful we found them. Darlene is an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. Her dogs are very well taken care of and loved (spoiled actually) and so are her customers! Me and my husband can not recommend them enough.

Andy Raffa - Boca Raton, FL

Our experience with Bully Brand was incredible!!! Darlene is so professional and knowledgeable and truly creates a perfect environment for the new puppies! The vet has commented multiple times what a well-bred and healthy puppy Rocky is and after our experience with Bully Brand, we would never go to another breeder! All of our future dogs will be from Darlene!

Brittny Nelson - Battle Creek, VA

My husband found Bully Brand Crew at a National dog show and he showed me the owners amazing photo shoots that were done and I fell in love. I started following her page and shortly found our Zoie. Bully Brand Crew is excellent in every way from beginning to end. The owner was and still is always willing to answer any questions, and you can tell she truly cares about all of her puppies because she loves seeing them grow. If you are looking for a high quality frenchie definitely check out Bully Brand Crew!

Micaela Lopez - San Francisco, CA

We got Bandido, our blue cream French bulldog from Bully Brand this January when was 8 weeks old. We cannot praise enough Bullybrand and Darlene in particular! Bandido is beyond cute, sweet and super smart! He has been a gift to our family.

Bully Brand cares deeply of their pups, and they are always available and very present to answer any questions you might have about the puppies, puppyhood prior to their arrival and after the puppies are on their forever home.

The reservation/adoption process is beyond smooth: their site is full of useful information, from tips, recommended things to buy, upcoming litters to more importantly, information about the sire and dams (DNA, OFA certifications, registrations). And Darlene was always available to answer any question before we made a reservation and after.

Once we made the reservation and the litter materialized, Darlene would keep us posted telling how us how the pups were doing, sending videos and photos (their photoshoots are incredible).

We are from San Francisco, so only got to meet Bandido (and his dad Napoleon & the Bully Brand family) the day we picked him up, but Darlene made sure to send us tons of videos to make our pick from the litter.

Bandido came home along with:
- Vet check certificate (including his first set of shots)
- 30 days insurance
- AKC limited registration paperwork
- And a HUGE bag of goodies with everything you might need to bring a puppy home (from food, to several toys, clothing and even a bed)

After we flew Bandido home, she kept in touch daily, following up on how him was adapting and helping us in everything we need, answer any question we may have.
Now time has passes, but she still checks on him every now and then!

Bandido is 4 moths old, and he is a happy and healthy puppy, we couldn’t be happier of choosing Bully Brand, and we are very grateful to Darlene!

Helen Lispon - Palm Beach, FL

My husband and I did a lotttttt of research on breeders in the area but when we got in touch with Darlene, we knew she was the one. We got the most gorgeous puppy from her (who is SO friendly to ALL people and dogs), but the reason we chose Bully Brand was because of how much we trust Darlene. You can tell she cares about her puppies - she spent a lot of time answering alllllll of our questions, and she still checks in with us regularly to ask about Lulu. Darlene is extremely professional, reliable, helpful and just a great person. I will never buy a frenchie anywhere else and I would 100% recommend her.

Melissa Shephard - Dade City, FL

What a great experience my husband and I had with Bully Brand Frenchies. From the moment we started this journey, Darlene went above and beyond for us; answering the multitude of questions I had, sending us information, sending us pics at all stages, etc. These are very, very kind people who LOVE frenchies. It's been 4.5 months since we picked up our bundle of joy and she still checks in on him/us regularly to make sure he's doing well.

Shakira Sinclair-Faust - Pembroke Pines, FL

We had been searching for a Frenchie breeder for a while, and when my husband and I were finally ready, we contacted Bully Brand Frenchies after finding her online. Since our first communication, Darlene was professional and provided so much information about the process and made us feel so comfortable that we made a deposit right away. We are so thankful and happy that we made that decision and now have our beautiful blue cream baby! We got to see our baby since she was born, weekly pictures, live videos and how much love her and all the puppies received! When we picked up our baby, Darlene gave us a huge bag of goodies such as a bed, harness, toys etc. She also went over all of the vet paperwork, how to cut their nails and any other question you can possibly have. Even after being home, she is a phone call or text away to answer any questions! I will definitely be getting my second Frenchie from Bully Brand Frenchies and highly recommend if you are looking for an honest and loving breeder!

Natalee Lord - Indiana

Great person to get frenchies from. You can really tell that Darlene truly cares about the dogs. Before I got my puppy, she would send me videos of my baby and make sure I was ready for the addition of a new family member. She is always available if I have any questions about Ellie and is very knowledgeable.

She doesn’t breed for wealth or fame, she truly wants to improve the breed and create quality lines. Anyone looking for a frenchie, needs to contact the Bully Brand Crew! You will get a beautiful puppy with great structure, socialization and health. Did I also mention that if you live in a different state you can get your puppy hand delivered by a dog nanny?!

I’m so glad I got to add a puppy from the Bully Brand Crew to my family. One of the best decisions I have made and I would recommend Darlene to anyone!

Dawn Nickle - Florida

We are so happy with our Frenchie. Bully Brand Crew was amazing to work with and do so happy with them. Don’t have the words. My husband and I had been looking for one for years a friend of a friend told us about them. Darlene is amazing words can’t express how much we appreciate her. She kept us up to date on our puppy with pics and messages from when he was born to even now. We talk all the time. If we have questions she is always there to answer and help. She is so loving and caring to her puppies. Wouldn’t ever go with another breeder again and recommend them to anyone who is looking for French bulldog. She goes above and beyond!!! Thank you! We love our puppy!

Kelly A. - Coconut Creek, FL

We are so grateful for our Frenchie from Bully Brand. We have the sweetest most special healthy girl. Darlene goes above and beyond during the initial process, from the care taking of the babies to keeping us up to date on their growth/progress and informing us of everything we needed to know as first time Frenchie parents.

Lindsay - Coconut Creek, FL

"I couldn't be more obsessed with my sweet baby Swagger. He is such a love bug and fits perfectly in our little family. As each day passes, I am more impressed at how smart he is. Whenever you bring a puppy into your home, you want to make sure that it's the right fit for you and your family. Darlene and Bianca made sure that we had the dog that would work well with us and our other senior dog. I have called them day and night with questions and they both always answer with no delay. I would recommend Bully Brand to everyone and feel so happy to be a part of the fam!"

Katie - West Palm Beach, FL

"I am so in love with my Little Boy Blue. He is the sweetest most loving little boy. He is healthy, loves to play, and has a perfect disposition. Darlene has been a delight from the beginning. She knew I lost my last bulldog recently and was patient and kind as I made my decision. I simply couldn’t be more grateful and in love."

Donte Brown - Denver, Colorado

"From the first day, I called Darlene I could hear her enthusiasm through the phone. After a 20-minute conversation, I knew she was the Breeder for me. There is nothing bad I can say about Darlene she exceeded my expectations tenfold. It’s just not about selling a puppy with her, it’s about the breed and finding the right homes. To this day me and Darlene talk and she calls asking about Chevelle. She sent my dogs a Christmas gift!! Who does that? Anyway, I’ve dealt with breeders in the past and by far she is the best and most kind-hearted person on this earth. I wouldn’t refer nobody else but Darlene if you are looking for a quality puppy that has been handled with a ton of love and care."

Korina - Miami Beach, FL

"I’m so happy I was put in contact with bully brand Frenchie’s. I always wanted a French bulldog so when I was able to get one my friend recommended Darlene. We got in touch over Instagram, and not long I was driving over to go meet my new puppy! Darlene was great from the moment I met her. Very friendly and makes you feel extremely comfortable. Her house is clean and always filled with wonderful little Frenchies. Boomer was my first dog and after meeting Darlene for the first time I knew I was in the right hands, she’s extremely knowledgeable and helps you with any questions you might have about your new pup. She also provided me with a little puppy care package to take home which tells you things you should know about your French bulldog as well as some toys, food, harnesses, bed, and blankey. I’m very happy I choose to get my Frenchie from her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new addition to their family."

Carter & Morgan - Farmville, VA

"I have always dreamed of owning a French Bulldog and I couldn’t have found a better breeder than Darlene and Bully Brand Frenchies to help make my dreams come true. We heard about Darlene from a friend who has also gotten a puppy from her and ever since we first reached out, we never looked back. Darlene was so helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable, she kept us updated with pictures and videos from the very beginning through the day we received our sweet boy and made the process so easy and enjoyable. Not only did she stay in close contact with us throughout the first 8 weeks, but she continues to stay in contact with us, checking on our boy, sending him presents, answering any questions we may have, and making sure each of her babies are taken care of and provided for. We live in Virginia and never imagined we would be getting a puppy from Florida but we felt most comfortable when talking to Darlene and really trusted her and we truly believe we have the perfect pup. Our baby Gronk is loving, smart, cuddly, playful, and has the best temperament, his build and size are perfect, and he is the exact fit for our small family. I don’t believe we would be saying these things had we chosen a different breeder. Everyone always asked why we chose a breeder all the way in Florida when there were plenty of other breeders much closer to us and it’s honestly because of Darlene and the puppies that come from Bully Brand Frenchies. We are so in love with our sweet boy and will without a doubt be contacting Darlene in the future for our next bundle of joy."

Nick Paliani - New York

"Darlene is the best. From the day we got in contact with her she was so nice. When I decided on my girl Rosie she would send me picture/ video updates almost daily while she grew. She’s been very helpful whenever I needed tips etc. I get many compliments on Rosie from fellow bulldog owners and breeders. Highly recommend her and her dogs!"

Josie Franzese - Merrick, NY

"My husband and I got this gorgeous baby boy named DOM, from the champagne gang. He is a Napo and Paris baby. When I laid eyes on him, I knew he was meant to be ours. From day one Darlene has and continues to be involved with our Rocco. She has been with us every step of the way. Sent us photos daily, answered my calls and text,insta, and FB messages very quickly. We always go to her for advice as she knows the bread like no one else. The reason why we love and trust her so much it’s because the love that she has for her babies shows. We love her and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you for allowing Rocco to be part of our family and god willing we will get another one from you soon! Xox"

Jessica Ivers - Jupiter, FL

"Darlene is amazing! She made the entire process so easy and was such a pleasure to work with. From the moment we met little Oliver, we knew he was coming from a very loving home. Darlene kept us updated with the puppies' progress before it was time to take him home and continued to stay in touch and offered guidance on any questions that came up. Darlene truly cares about the well-being of each and every pup from the litter. Our little Oliver is happy and healthy and we would absolutely recommend Bully Brand Frenchies to anyone serious about adding a French bulldog to their family."

Nora Perez - Miami, FL

"From the moment I contacted Darlene about a puppy, she was willing to answer all my questions. Once we chose our puppy, she made sure to send pictures. My family looked forward to every night to see live videos of our baby girl, Soufflé, A.K.A Cinderella Belle (Cindy). After we brought her home, Darlene checked in on us to see how Cindy was adjusting to her new forever home. Still, 6 month later, Darlene still checks up on Cindy to see how she is doing. Darlene is always just a phone call away to answer any questions we may have. When we got our baby we were amazed that her first night home she did not cry. And she was potty trained to go to a pad. Darlene makes sure her puppies are healthy and happy. Her love and dedication to the breed shows in how the puppies are raised. She has top-quality dogs and lovable adorable puppies. She has been so helpful and caring that we are in the process of getting a second puppy from her. Thank your Darlene for the great Healthy puppy."

Raychel Eckler - California

"We have had the most amazing experience with Bully Brand Frenchies. We got three beautiful Frenchie girls from Darlene. Scarlet, Blanche & June have been the best additions to our family. Darlene is always available to talk or give advice. She always checks in to make sure things are going well. You won’t regret purchasing your new family member here."

Michelle Ouimette - Boston

"From the beginning of our search to ending up with the most adorable puppy, Darlene was truly amazing! Her care, love, and commitment to her babies are nothing short of superb. Always available to talk and offer support through the whole process. Her live streaming videos were so fun so we could watch Arya grow. Anyone lucky enough to be able to own a Bully Brand Frenchie is in for a wonderful treat!"

Annie & Juan Casiano - Miami, FL

"We don’t know where to start. Bane is our third Frenchie, we spent over a year looking for the perfect little boy to add to our Frenchie family, after months of searching we came across Bully Brand Frenchies. From the moment we got in contact with Darlene to the day we brought Bane home, it was such an amazing experience. During the first 8 weeks, Darlene would keep us updated with pictures and advice, but what we loved the most were the late-night puppy live videos! We had the chance to watch our little boy grow, interact with his siblings, and just get to know him and his funny personality. Working in the Veterinary field, we get to see many Frenchie breeders that don’t know much about this very special breed and do it for all the wrong reasons. You can tell by all the love and care that Darlene gives to her babies that she truly cares for the well-being of these babies and makes sure they go to good loving homes. Without her, we wouldn’t have our little boy. She is well educated on the breed, makes sure she answers questions puppy parents might have, and sends them home with just exactly what they need to get them started. Bane came home with the first set of vaccines, de-wormed, and health certificate, perfect healthy little boy, thanks to the special care and awesome environment that was provided to him by Darlene and her loving family. If we didn’t have three already, we would get another one from her! We are beyond thankful. If you are ready to be Frenchie's parent, Bully Brand Frenchies is the perfect place for you."

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