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Our Champs

Some of you may wonder exactly what a champion title signifies for a French Bulldog. Ideally, it’s purpose is to validate the quality of the dog itself.

In order to become a champion, the dog has to be evaluated and judged by several different judges at several different shows. In order to win the show, the dog has to have certain physical characteristics, as well as a great personality. The temperament of the dog has a lot to do on how the dog is raised, trained as well as with its ancestors. A dog which is confident, which walks in to a show ring, like he or she owns it, does not happen overnight. It takes lots of time, skill and a labor of love to produce such a show dog.

Once one becomes a Champion you then compete for a Grand Champion title. The Grand Champion competition gives judges the opportunity to see and evaluate very high quality French Bulldogs all together one would call it a Best of the Best competition.

Napo has been winning blue ribbons in the show ring since he was 3 months old. He has become well known in the show circut. Right now he holds 16 Best Male wins, 14 Best of Breed wins, & 6 Best over all & 1 Best in Show win. Last year Napoleon was #7 Best of Breed frenchie in the Country for 2016. We are hoping to earn the top 3 spot this year.

Paris is racking up her points to earn her Champion title this year. She has several wins & Best female wins under her belt.

Little London is just starting out her show career & came out strong at her 1st ABKC show bringing home 1st place in the puppy class. We can't wait to see how far she will go.

Grand Champion Napoleon The Great

La Belle Mademoiselle Blue Paris

Queen London Dutchess of Bully Brand

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