"Where Frenchies Are Family"


Do French Bulldogs have a lot of health problems?

French Bulldogs, like any pure bred dog have their own issues that can arise within the breed. Frenchies are brachycephalic (flat faced, like pugs, english bulldogs etc.) they can not tolerate the heat well. They are predisposed to have issues with elongated soft pallet, narrowed trachea, or stenotic (pinched) nares that make breathing in the best conditions harder, than for a non-brachycephalic breed of dog. Even though they are predisposed to these health concerns, frenchies are considered they healthiest among other bulldog breeds.

Do non-standard colored French Bulldogs have more allergy or health problems than standard color frenchies?

Blues, Chocolates, lilac & tan pointed French Bulldogs are not more pre-disposed to allergies or any possible health concerns anymore so than their standard colored counterparts.

How can I pay for my puppy?

We accept PayPal for deposits ONLY, for the rest of the payment we accept cash or certified check, we do not accept personal checks.

How do I place a deposit?

Once a deposit is placed, a contract will be signed. Any deposit placed on an upcoming breeding is 100% REFUNDABLE if the color or sex you are waiting for is not born, however once your deposit is placed on the dog you are wanting the deposit then becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. Once a deposit on a puppy that you have picked is made it will be non refundable due to the fact that I am considering the puppy sold and turning away all other potential buyers. Once a deposit is placed and a contract is signed, the puppy will be reserved for you until he/she is ready to go to their new home. Deposits to hold the puppy are $500.00 prior to birth if puppies are born then deposits are $1,000.00 A deposit is not intended for you to have more time to think about getting the puppy. Chances are another family is considering the same puppy, so to ensure you get the puppy you want,  you must place a deposit. Puppies will need to be paid in full by the time they reach 7 weeks of age if traveling, so we can make travel arrangements within the next week. If you are local final payment can be made on day of pick up.

How much do your puppies cost?

Puppy prices start at $4,000. Puppies are priced based on conformation, pedigree, color, and registration not on sex. Males & Females are the same price.

Do you offer shots, de-worming or other initial services?

Absolutely! The puppy will come with 1st set of shots, puppy will be de-wormed, & will come with a Florida health certificate from a licensed Veterinarian.

Do you provide care instructions or consultations after purchase?

Yes, you will receive a puppy package after purchasing one of our puppies, it will come with informational material to help you and your Frenchie better understand each other. It also includes toys, a blanket, a bed,  a jar of food your Frenchie is currently eating, treats, a collar, leash, harness & clothes. We are always available to help you or answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure you and your puppy have the best life together, and we like to form long lasting relationships with our puppy's new home, we love updates, photos and for you to keep in touch with us! 

How soon can I have the puppy?

The puppy can leave our home after he/she turns 8 weeks old.

Do you offer a refund on puppy purchases?

No, we don't offer a refund once the puppy is purchased. However we will take the puppy back and try to help resell it for you if something was to come up and the puppy can no longer stay with you

I want a puppy for breeding - do you do this?

Our puppies are sold with 'Limited Rights' with a Spay/Neuter Contract, puppies that are bred that were sold on Limited Rights are in breach of their contract, and legal action will be pursued unless we have made other arrangements with the buyer, puppies purchased for "Full Rights" are considered on a case by case basis. We want to make sure that all of our puppies are in loving homes.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

French Bulldogs are not big barkers, but you may get an occasional alien noise or snort. 

Are French Bulldogs good companion dogs?

They are fantastic companion dogs. They are fun, entertaining and loving. The French Bulldog is delightful, and easy to groom. They have great personalities and each has their own individual quirks and they are usually great with children!

How do Frenchies take to apartment living?

Frenchies do well in apartment living because they are "low maintenance" dogs. They can not be outside for long periods of time so they do not need room to run and be free, Frenchies are relatively small weighing between 18-25 pounds, and they love to cuddle whether on the sofa or in your bed. 

Are French Bulldogs sociable?

Frenchies are very sociable and need to be socialized starting at a young age. Puppies purchased from us will be socialized to other dogs, large and small, children, loud noises etc. All of our puppies are raised in our home and each puppy gets the love an attention is needs and desires. After your puppy has received its final set of shots at the age of 14-16 weeks, you will want to allow your puppy to be social with other animals, and other people, bring your puppy in the car and on adventures, this helps your puppy grow into a socialized dog that will not have fear of the unknown, and creates a better quality of life for both the Frenchie and their owner. Your Frenchie should NEVER be penned up for long stretches of time. He or she needs to be a part of your life.

Are French Bulldogs good with children?

French Bulldogs typically do well with children as long as they socialized at an early age. All children need to be supervised with puppies, as this is for the child's and puppy's safety. 

Are French Bulldogs good with cats?

That very much depends on the individual dog and whether the dog or the cat was introduced first to the household. If you already have a cat be prepared for possible failure.

Are French Bulldogs good with other dogs?

This is very much a matter of personality combined with experience. For any individual dog, it is a question that must be tested to find the answer. Be sure that the test is supervised at all times. Try using the X-pen to introduce your new Frenchie to other dogs. While they are protected, get your other dog’s reaction and the Frenchie’s response. Sooner or later, a puppy may attempt to establish dominance in some cases with smaller or more submissive dogs.

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

They can be very willing. They can also be very stubborn and hardheaded too. If you make it a game they’ll want to play all the time. Frenchies are often considered people pleasers and love to be the center of attention.

Do Frenchies snore?

Yes, some Frenchies can snore and some are rather loud at it.

What are some breathing problems?

Sometimes you may find a Frenchie that is noisy or has labored breathing. They may have a longer tongue or an excessive soft palate that is obstructing their airway. Smaller nose openings can exaggerate their already noisy breathing characteristics.

Note: Other symptoms of elongated soft palate are spitting up or regurgitating food or foam frequently. Consult your veterinarian for corrective alternatives.

What about feeding?

Use consideration to feed a French Bulldog properly. Be aware of artificial preservatives and excessive protein and fillers. Some dogs may have allergic reactions to certain commercial foods. Read the label and know what suits your dog’s needs best. Consult your veterinarian if your dog experiences food allergies. Food allergies are not uncommon in Frenchies. A small bag of the food your puppy is currently eating will be apart of the package you receive, this way you can continue that food. We feed all our dogs, mamas & puppies Lifes Abundance. It is one of the best dog food brands in the market.

Potty training?

Some dogs are harder than others. Crate training is very helpful in house breaking. A dog perceives it as their “den” and will not soil it. Develop a routine after they eat, before bed and first thing in the morning, and be consistent. A minimum of three potty breaks a day are necessary. For puppies, potty breaks should be every two hours. Remember a puppy’s little bladders may not be under control as quickly as we’d like, so be positive.

Do Frenchie's shed?

Yes, but these dogs are single coated and shed less than most other breeds.

How do I find a vet familiar with French Bulldogs?

If you are local to South Florida we will most certainly recommend some great vets, if not we can find a breeder in your area and hopefully make a connection to see what Veterinarian they use in your area. 

How do I find a trainer that can help me understand my French Bulldog?

If you are local to south Florida we always recommend the trainer we personally use for all our dogs, Holly Blakney. Holly has been training dogs for over 15 years, she is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) as well as a Victoria Stilwell (Host of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog television program) Positively dog trainer. She owns and operates the Dog Training Academy of South Florida. Check out her website at: www.facebook.com/dogtrainingacademyofsouthflorida she truly understands our quirky breed.

Where can I find harnesses & collars that fit my frenchie?

As French Bulldog owners, we know how much fun it can be to accessorize your frenchie in adorable outfits, harnesses & collars. The problem with French bulldogs is that it never seems to fit quite right so we decided to start up our own Couture Dog Company hence Bonez & Bitchez was born. We are sure you and your frenchie will love all our items click on Bonez & Bitchez so you can check out all our amazing products we carry.