Our Adults

Our Adults

Bully Brand Frenchies adults used in our breeding program.


  • Napoleon


    Grand Champion Napoleon is a triple registered AKC, ABKC & BBCR Blue Fawn French Bulldog with amazing DNA. His pedigree is stacked with some of the best French Bulldogs around. He comes from heavy Hungarian & Russian bloodlines. Napo is true to the French Bulldog breed in all aspects; his size, structure, & temperament. This boy’s got it all in a small package!

  • Drago


    Drago is our little maskless lilac & tan dream stud.  Drago has great DNA and the body to go with it hes compact & correct. Not only does this lil guy have some amazing features, he has the best personality. Drago is definitely a ladies man he loves playing with all the girls and boy do they love him.

  • Alexander


    Xander is our black & tan boy that came all the way from the UK. We have to say he definitely didn't disappoint. Xander passes his amazing personality as well as his good looks on to all his puppies. We have several pups fathered by Xander that are currently in our program and cant wait for them to produce our 2nd & 3rd generation pups

  • Benito


    Beni is our Isabella boy. He came to us all the way from the UK. He has amazing coloring and with the right female they can make little Isabella babes. Beni is super spunky and loves to give tons of kisses. Beni is the father to many of our litters.

  • Franklin


    Franklin is our blue & tan boy. Not only is Franklin handsome he also carries amazing dna. Franklin is a sweet boy loves to cuddle on the sofa with his family. He was produced right here at BBF  and is a 2nd generation baby his mama is Roma & his dad is Xander.

  • Griffin


    Griffin is a Lilac fawn Quad owned by Luke Carver of Big Daddy Frenchies he is an outside stud we used for Berlins Final litter. Griffin is 4 panel Health tested clear.


  • Paris


    Paris is smart and sassy with a star-studded personality! She is a girly french bulldog in every sense of the word. This little beauty is nothing but quality! She has mesmerizing golden eyes a very short build, and a short face with lots of rolls & wrinkles.

    To go along with all her beauty her pedigree is packed with tons of Hungarian Champions on both sides its no wonder she is a little head turner in the ring.

  • London


    London is our little spit fire blue & tan Frenchie girl! She is a total beauty who is full of personality & charisma. Always needing to be the center of attention she definitely makes her presence known.

    Conformation, temperament & Color this little girls got it all! Londons lines include Shrinkabulls, Firefields, Bullistik & Russkoi Skazki she is also great-grandsired by Once In A Blue Moon.

  • Geneva


    Geneva is our rambunctious blue and tan cutie. She was produced right here at Bully Brand and we couldn't be prouder of how shes turned out. Her mother is Queen London & her father is King Triton. Geneva has the best personality with the looks to go with it she is so beautiful, Geneva leaves her beauty mark on all her puppies.

  • Berlin


    Berlin is our maskless blue fawn she is smart and playful with the sweetest personality! This little lady has amazing markings, a very nice build, and a short face with lots of rolls & wrinkles.

    Berlin is one of our imports & has a great bloodline to go with all her beauty.

  • Marseille


    Marseille is one of our blue & tan ladies. She has the biggest heart and the best personality. Marsielle loves to play with other dogs and is always taking on that mama role to the younger pack members. She is such a beauty her markings are breathtaking.

  • Dublin


    Dublin is one of our 2nd generation babies she was born right here at BBF. She is a blue cream dream her parents are Napoleon & Milan. Dublin has the best of both parents her daddys compact body & her mamas sweetest disposition.

  • Fiji


    Fiji is a special girl shes a blue & tan Irish pied. Not only is she beautiful she has the happy go lucky personality to brighten anyones day. Fiji is a 2nd generation pup. She was born right here, her parents are Berlin & Henry.

  • Milan


    Milan is our platinum beauty. She came all the way for the UK with her sister Roma, and boy is she a head turner. Milan has such an amazing disposition topped off with the best personality. She loves to cuddle and get belly rubs, and loves all the pups that come into our home. Milan definitely leaves her beauty mark on all her pups.

  • Kauai


    Kaui is our little fire cracker she is a chocolate fawn. She is a total cutie who is full of charisma & attitude. Conformation, personality & temperament this little girls got it all. Kaui is the grand daughter of our GrCh Napoleon & the famous Pablito. This little girls genetic DNA packs quite a punch!

  • Sumi


    Sumi is our red fawn cutie. She has the biggest personality in a small compact body. Sumi is super playful and eager to please shes such a good girl.

  • Harlow


    Harlow is our blue trindle cutie. She was produced right here at Bully Brand. Her mother is Queen London & her father is Beni. Harlow has such a quirky personality. Harlow is a 2nd generation pup.

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